"Rare is this love

Keep it covered

I need you to run to me, run to me lover

Run until you feel your lungs bleeding"

- Hozier -


The only sure thing about this day was that Ashley and Jake wanted to elope.

Didn't matter where or how. It all fell into place at the very last minute and a little bit by magic.

The ceremony took place at an ancient Celtic site, nested in the woods, on top of a mountain behind Cinque Terre.

This spot was named "La Farfalla Dorata" - "The Golden Butterfly" because at sunset, the sun filters through a bunch of carefully placed rocks to cast a golden butterfly onto the face of a main stone.

We finally arrived to this place after getting lost in the woods multiple times as the sun was just setting and casting a golden aura upon everything.

It was special to witness such unrestrained emotions between them and to watch this extraordinary moment come together.